hello, i'm catherine. i've been a photographer for 10 years.

i adore my hubbalicious, awesome family, fab friends, and pups { yoshi and mochi}.

i love conversations with God, gardening, making things pretty, and being an rock star aunt.

i get beautified by way of moroccan oil, mac makeup, and opi nail polish.

i crave bubble tea, red bean mochi, and iced chai.

i am addicted to my iphone, ipad, blog stalking, and bravo tv.

i like using instagram, yiddish words, and other schmutz.

i am happy around young hearts, old souls, baby belly laughs, and splashes of color.

i am probably at starbucks, shooting pretty people, or pretending I've been cleaning all day.

i want to photograph your memories (in a sweet, non-stalker kind of way).